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Sustainability Commitments Press Release 



Pic from workshopsThe Cross Association Sustainability Working Group provides AEV, AEO and ESSA members with focus on the important issues around sustainability and gives all the ability to work together to help reduce the event industry’s impact on the environment.

In January 2019 the (then) group chair (Martin Cottrell, A1 Event and Exhibition Cleaners) and vice (Lucille Ryan, Informa PLC) met to create short and long-term objectives.

Olympia London offered to fund The MICE Machine who held two workshops for the group at Informa PLC London. The MICE Machine assisted Olympia London form their “Grand Plan” sustainability strategy. They have facilitated a complete review of the scope of Olympia London’s sustainability efforts, including a thorough, practical assessment of the venue’s achievements and opportunities for improvement, strategy workshops for a group of champions drawn from each department in the organisation and the development of objectives and actions for them to achieve.

How will they work?

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The aim is for AEO, AEV and ESSA Association members to work towards a consistent base level of sustainability performance.

The sector specific commitments enable all parties to have a clear idea of what they should be looking at and allow for tracking progress against this guidance. 

  • Each commitment is divided into one or more principle
  • The set of principles are designed to provide a framework for all to ensure they are implementing a basic level of sustainability
  • They are intended to help identify if there are any areas needing particular focus
  • Resources such as achievement case studies, eGuide content, templates and guidance documents will be available to help Association members achieve the principles
  • Members of the Cross-Association Sustainability Working Group will be invited to feedback progress during group meetings and offer mutual support
  • A self-scoring system will allow members to track their progress against each principal within the set of commitments

This is not a proviso of membership; responses will not be reported publicly. It is recognised that sustainability planning is for some in its infancy and these can guide our members direct focus and evolve their environmental responsibility considerations in line with industry peers.

This resource is open to AEV, AEO and ESSA members only, accessible behind the association's member zones. If you're a non-member supplier and you would like to  access this resource, and the wealth of other resources and information that we offer please contact us with regards to becoming a member

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