ESSA's Continuing Position

  • Recognition that industry creates ‘organised’, as opposed to ‘mass’ gatherings, and MUST be treated separately to other industries, as we can create controlled environments for ‘known’ audiences. We are inputting into the DCMS Event Recovery Task Force, but can’t stress enough our ability to control and risk assess both the venues and audiences for the events we host, and run, and we therefore seek a specific ‘exit strategy’.
  • The industry has embraced the Corona Virus Job Retention Scheme, and other reliefs and loans (to varying levels of success), however has had zero cash flow since February so most businesses are at serious financial risk. We will require further a tapered exit from lock down (especially the Job Retention Scheme), and longer-term industry support package so we are ready to run events and stimulate markets. (note it takes time to build business confidence in various markets for buyers and sellers, and to allow the supply chain to resource and plan effectively).
  • Awareness in Government thinking of the part events and exhibitions will play in reigniting the UK economy post the outbreak and recognition that they stimulate economic impact across hotels, airlines, restaurants and other business tourism activities all over the UK.
  • The part venues have played to build confidence of the NHS by increasing capacity, and their ability to further increase confidence by reverting back to venues quickly once existing NHS capacity allows. Timeframes and clarity on this are key (as without venues there can be no events).
  • Inclusion in the Government’s plans to stimulate key vertical markets.  Events and exhibitions provide cost effective and direct trading platforms which fuel those industries and their supply chains. Post the crisis there will be pent up demand, markets will need and want to trade.  Events and exhibitions are a perfect and instant platform to enable business to be conducted.
  • Equal and comparable focus and support for UK exhibitions and events, as identified with the Government’s International Business Events Action Plan.
  • Seek explicit reference as being part of ‘Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism’ – to avoid ambiguity on inclusion in all current and future packages and measures.



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