ESSA’s Membership research focussed our International activity, in three key areas;

  • Highlight the credibility of ESSA members, our kite mark of quality, code of conduct and compliance procedures

  • Remove physical barriers, building a bridge showing the UK is part of the ‘Continent of Europe’ and going local is not necessarily better or cheaper, UK has lots to offer on the ‘export’ market

  • Promotion and/or support of ESSA members who operate overseas by increasing International contacts to create a worldwide network to help members find partners, and understand overseas rules and regulations

To promote these areas ESSA will:
  • Attend international events, such as EuroShop, IFES meetings, EDPA’s ACCESS conferences
  • Seek to obtain conference speaking opportunities, and marketing and PR opportunities to re-affirm the above
  • Generate internal and external PR, to UK trade press, overseas organiser associations such as UFI, IAEE and International Press such as Meetings Review, Conference World etc
  • Join relevant international associations.  ESSA is currently a member of IFES, EDPA, EXSA and has formed a partnership with IELA  Further information on these Associations can be found below.



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