FaceTime, an AEO funded initiative, is launching the full findings of a year-long study conducted by Explori to identify what makes event attendees different from the general population.

The research of Essa members, Explori, identified that individuals who attend events are more valuable to brands than the general population, they have more reach and influence on and offline and are more likely to make recommendations to their peers. The study also found that within an event community, there is a sub-group of super-high influence attendees who spend more at the event and in the following 12 months than other attendees. The research also identified that high influence attendees make up 32% of overall attendance at consumer events and 34% at trade shows.

Explori gathered detailed responses from 12,366 event attendees and 1,000 non-attendees who acted as the control group. The events researched included a mix of five consumer and seven trade exhibitions.

Rory Govan, associate research director, at Explori says: "Understanding how event visitors compared to the UK population was an interesting research challenge.  We drew on a range of tools including surveys, social monitoring and control groups over a twelve month period.  It was rewarding to build on the existing FaceTime research with the conclusion that events not only help marketers engage with an audience in a powerful way, but that audience is one that will help them influence well beyond the exhibition hall."

Jenni Jaques, marketing director at AEO, says: “The Event Advocacy research has found that high influence attendees, in particular, go on to actively recommend events and the exhibitors they see.  In addition, they spend notably more than other visitors over a 12 month period – 84% more for trade and double the amount for consumer events. We’re hoping these compelling results will be a springboard for event organisers to find ways of identifying who their specific high influencers are, what the purchase potential of their shows is and, ultimately, what they can do to increase numbers of high influencers at their events.”

Rory and the team from Explori will be in the Hub area at the AEO Conference to discuss the report findings and answer any questions.

Further information can be found at www.aeoconference.org.uk


*High influencers were identified by combining the responses from consumer “conversation catalysts” (as defined by word of mouth marketing specialist Keller Fay, now Engagement Labs) and trade “category catalysts”. 

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