"It's all very well supporting the ENAs and AEOs but when is our day out? Why don't we get recognised?"

Just one of the questions that prompted the launch of the ENEAs. And what a day it was.....

After 18 months in the industry, and having heard the question above, or similar on a number of occasions, Johnno Gordon and the EN team decided that enough was enough. It was time the great work that the suppliers put in to the industry was recognised. It was decided that EN would launch the ENEAs as a trial event to ensure that there was demand for such an event. That question was met with a resounding yes, and despite the scheduling being so close to Christmas, over 200 industry professionals supported the event. 

Of 17 awards, 16 were won by ESSA members, showing the quality of work across the industry. This is why this event is needed and from the feedback received people are already looking forward to the 2018 edition. 

Any feedback you have, whether you were able to attend or not would be much appreciated. The date is one point that has been mentioned, it could be earlier in December, any feedback we can get or ideas that people can give would help us improve this event year on year which is the aim. This is an event for the supplier industry. As those suppliers please help us shape this event into what you would like it to become. Please send any feedback to Johnno Gordon on jgordon@mashmedia.net

Follow the link below to the video of the inaugural ENEAs. We hope to see you at the second edition of the event in December.

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