Traditional business models are undergoing massive change. From taxi services to buying mattresses. How often do you think about updating your exhibiting?

Uber does not own taxis and yet they have revolutionised taxi services. Airbnb doesn't own a hotel but millions of us look to their site first when we plan accommodation for our holidays and business travel.

New businesses like Eve Sleep, Simba and Casper are applying tech and marketing skills to the business of buying mattresses. They can deliver them to your door just like pizza or some other fast food option that outfits like Deliveroo specialise in.

Gamechangers: Add to the list Amazon, Tesla, Crypto money, online estate agency...

There have been some massive changes in many traditional markets. From bed-buying to travel and of course in retail.

Amazon has shifted whole populations into nations of online buyers. Many of us now buy our books, groceries, clothes, holidays and experiences online. And of course, not just from Amazon but from a multitude of online businesses that now serve us.

Looking back to my own teen years, scarily a long way back now, whole industries like personal computers (that's what they were first called), mobile phones, coffee chains and online publishing, didn't even exist. Hooray for 2018 my kids say!

What's changed with exhibitions?

In many ways, trade shows today look very similar to those of the 1980's when I first started working as an exhibition organiser.

True,  there weren't any digital screens on stands back then and a lot less "technology." Structurally though, they looked a lot like many of their 2018 counterparts do now.

But, there has been one big change and it's still taking place. I'm talking about the move to make trade exhibitions feel more like consumer shows. Read the full article @ 

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