The use of smartphones to conduct online searches has already overtaken desktop computers. How can you harness mobile's power to attract more show visitors?

According to the stats found in an infographic by, industry trends suggest that soon this could also be true for accessing the internet in general.

It is clear that with the number of people using mobile devices today, event marketers will need to ensure that their events are integrated with mobile communications in order to be heard and successful.

However, this doesn’t just mean using this strategy before the event. Sure, using mobile marketing can be a great way to promote your event and spread the word before it has actually taken place, but it can also be hugely beneficial while the event is taking place and even afterward.

The use of mobile marketing

Today, everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket, attendees will use them to document your event and you may use one to coordinate and organise, but these devices don’t just offer us a range of conveniences, the age of smartphones is actually altering the experience of events themselves.

With technology continuously developing, the use of mobile marketing is on the rise. Not only can you reach a large group of targeted people, but you can do so relatively cheaply, and track the results. 

What if fans can buy tickets the moment they find out about the event, either through email, SMS, social media or blog posts. The key is to make purchasing from mobile devices seem seamless and easy and the results may be surprising.

Creating the buzz

The job of the marketer for an event starts a long time before the event is actually due to take place. It usually takes months, but in some cases, the advertising can even be years before the event takes place.

Mobile marketing has proven time and time again to be a great way to create a bit of hype around an event and encourage people to look for more information about it. If you are an exhibitor at an event, you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd, especially if there will be other exhibitors at the show promoting similar things to you.

A couple of favourite marketing tactics for this purpose are through social media and mobile-friendly emails.

Both of these allow you to reach out to new and existing customers and to provide a brief introduction to an upcoming event where you are exhibiting. You can then let them know why they should come and see you and what you can offer them!

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