Stand managers of the world, you probably don’t need this talk but I’m going to give it to you anyway.

It’s for those days when you wonder why you were you so unlucky to be nominated as the stand manager for your business.

Here’s to you all and the great work that you do.

What is this job all about?

Management of a trade show stand puts you in the sales business, not the organising business. 

That’s why it’s one of the most exciting and fulfilling roles that you can have whether that’s full or part-time.

Stand management allows you to play a direct part in the growth and sales fortunes of the company that you work for.

It provides you with an excellent platform for career progression and for your own personal development.

“I would make a great stand manager because I’m such a good organiser.”

Yes, on the face of it, stand management is about organising things. Lots and lots of things and details.

From the booking of sites at individual events to organising the building of stands, the production of graphics and a list of other tasks as long as your arm. 

Yes, organising things is all part of the job but really, stand management is about being a business builder for your company. 

And do you know what, for me, that’s the most exciting part of the job and the most exciting part of trade shows.

Whether you are organising the whole show or one stand within it.

You get to facilitate revenue growth and that’s a skill that many businesses need right now.

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