With it being International Women’s Day we’ve decided to celebrate and shine the spotlight on the women that work at 4D, giving us an insight into what their roles entail and what empowers them about be

Jess Mockler, 4D Project Coordinator summarised her role in 3 words: ‘make it happen’.  “I am responsible for handling various projects at once and ensuring that each one has a timeline which ensures it runs as smoothly as possible so that the end result is a success.

What empowers me about being a woman is the sheer inner strength of women everywhere that has been witnessed through the revolution of women, impacting how the modern day female is perceived in society. I believe that this inner strength gave me the determination to aim for such high academic achievements, I am incredibly proud of being offered a scholarship at my University and being able to travel to Hong Kong and China which are once in a lifetime opportunities. My mum is my single biggest inspiration, being a single parent with four children whilst working full-time, she has given me tons of determination to go after my dreams.”

Liz Butterworth, Accounts Manager added  “The women who inspire and empower me are normal everyday women that I know; friends, family, the women who are at the ‘coal face of life’.Dealing with the mundane, traumatic daily occurrences of life yet carry on regardless holding on to what really matters. For me, the greatest achievements in my life are my three children. I always knew I wanted a family, so having my children (who are all kind, hard working and people with decent values) is the achievement of a lifetime.”

Liz’s role includes dealing with all things financial and most importantly keeping the tribe members upbeat with plentiful stocks of tea and coffee.

Suzanne Malhotra, 4D Director, responsible for providing leadership and direction for the company; ensuring everyone is on the same page with a common goal, whilst also acting as a mentor added “What empowers me about being a woman is the sense of togetherness you get from women working together. There is a real positive energy which provides you with the gut feeling that you can do anything. A real unity, which stems centuries back from the history of women, we are very fortunate to now be part of a generation where we can honour and respect the challenges that were faced"

Spearheading the development of 4D Design along with Managing Director, Pete Allen, has been one of the greatest achievements. "We are just about to celebrate 25 years of 4D which makes all of the hard work so much more real, with which comes a lot of fond memories of both brilliant and difficult times. I’m super proud of the of the recognition we’ve had over the years and the successful projects that have been delivered.”

Responsible for managing and developing all 4D marketing and brand communications- Marketing Manager, Shanay Pahal, stated “Life is not about the cards you are dealt but how you react to them- this for me just sums up the whole suffrage movement of women which dates way back, the fact that women everywhere continue to fight for equal rights without question or pity is empowering. In terms of achievements I am proud of- I am honoured to have recently been put forward to join the ESSA Futures Board which aims to initiate greater awareness of the exhibitions and events industry amongst young people. It is a great honour to have a voice in the industry and be part of positive change. I would have to say that my mum is my biggest inspiration, she is the most selfless, hard working woman I know and without her, I don’t think I would have half the drive I do today.”

Anita Peto, Exhibition CAD Designer (responsible for producing detailed drawings for designs and plans that ensure stands are structurally built the most efficient and effective way), explained that every woman that goes after what they want and works extremely hard without bowing to social expectations inspires her. But, above all her mum is her biggest inspiration having taught her to stand on her own two feet and survive for herself, my mum always told me ‘learn to survive on the top of the iceberg’.  My biggest achievement is just being where I am at present. I’ve had some pretty big roller coasters since moving to the UK to pursue my career in design, so many times I wanted to give up, it’s not easy resetting your life in your mid 20’s. But I persevered and the end result is so rewarding!”


We’re sure you’ll join us in celebrating the women at 4D and around the world on International Women’s Day!

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