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IFES ESSA Logo 800x150MONDAY 26TH APRIL 2021 - 1.30PM (gmt)
1 hour session including Q&A


Never waste a good crisis
(Winston Churchill)
For sure the Exhibition and Event Industry witnessed a tremendous disruption in the last year; but with vaccination roll out happening more and more every day our industry is slowly getting back on track.

So far so good...but what are our customers expecting us to deliver?

  • a nice booth or a communication strategy linking online with face2face communication?
  • are they expecting advice?
  • do they really know what they want?
  • are we prepared for their request:  or
  • do we have to change our USP?

In this webinar we see ESSA and IFES come together on an International platform to discuss the future of the Exhibition Service Provider Industry and take a look at how the industry needs to evolve to match the needs of the customer in our our new normal world. 

This online session looks to gather ideas and perceptions from industry insiders from all over the globe. 

Learn about the experiences from those countries where trade shows are already happening as well as from those where exhibitors and organisers are preparing themselves for their re-opening.

This webinar will attract participants globally.  

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