The statement made by the Government yesterday was a severe blow to our industry and all of those individuals and businesses that operate within it.

Our sector has already been decimated by enforced closure during the past 7 months, and extending restrictions, without a package of support, will see it enter free fall.

The AEO, AEV and ESSA have already provided information to the DCMS regarding our requests for a support package. We continue to work with them, and our sector allies, to lobby this position.

The three associations have responded directly to yesterday’s announcement by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, that exhibitions and conferences would no longer be permitted to take place from 1st October and for a possible further 6 months. We have been working into the night seeking clarity on the announcement, to engage directly with government officials, and with other industry partners. 

There will not be a minute wasted, we are working on your behalf, striving to attain the support we all need and, importantly, bringing back well managed and controlled events.

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