Members have stated how previous salary surveys helped to make decisions with regard to compiling competitive packages for certain roles within their company or with assessing salary / package increases over a period of time.

For others it provided assurances that they were already offering their teams competitive remuneration packages and in some instances were very much leading the way.

We’ve once again spent time over the past 12 months working with various HR professionals and business owners in our sector to hopefully make this year’s iteration even more relevant. Making sure it covers as much ground as possible without becoming an overly onerous process.

For those who didn’t take part last year, the scary looking excel spreadsheet has gone and has been replaced with a clear, step by step process of bite sized input. The results will also have a very different look and feel to previous years, easier to understand, digest and find what you want.

It will come as no surprise that a big part of the salary survey success is participation from as many members as possible.

The bigger the data set the more informative and useful the data will become.

Now here is the only catch, to receive the final survey report, you need to take part in the survey.

We think that’s a fair exchange and hopefully it encourages greater participation in the information gathering stage. Although we don’t personally see individual company information, your unique link enables us to see who has completed the survey and therefore accurately distribute the results at the end.

To complete the survey a unique link has been sent to all main contacts and and if we also have somebody registered as a HR contact for your company it will also be sent to them as well. The link is currently live with a deadline for submitting your data set for 31st August.  

Please email with any queries.







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