Event organising can be extremely stressful and when it comes to plant hire there are several things that should be considered before committing to a supplier. Price will always play a large role when it comes to booking plant for an event but only focussing on securing a good price could cost organisers and operational teams later down the line.

There are further questions that should also be looked at as a priority. Neil Warren, Used Equipment, Rental and Workshop Director, Jungheinrich UK reveals three key points that sometimes get overlooked by event organisers.

1. Ask about the age of the trucks

The age of the trucks being hired is a key consideration and one that can quite easily be missed, especially when more often than not older trucks are offered at a more competitive price. Of course, there will be times where choice may be constrained by budget; but older trucks do run a higher risk of developing issues during use, which can result in expensive downtime for event organisers.

2. Find out about the supplier's service response

The key to any event is to have a plan for every eventuality and this should also be the case when it comes to choosing a plant supplier. Organisers should ask about the service response on offer. How quickly can a supplier respond to a breakdown? And do they provide 24/7 support?

Response time isn’t the only thing to take into consideration when it comes to the level of support a supplier is willing to provide. Consultation is a key part of vendor selection, if you don’t ask you’re unlikely to get, some suppliers will be willing to provide bespoke event hire solutions. For example if the terrain is particularly difficult and it has been identified that there is a higher risk of punctures, is there a bespoke solution that could be put in place to accommodate this?

3. Health and Safety is key

Health and Safety legislation cannot be ignored, event organisers have a duty of care when it comes to checking the health and safety processes put in place by a supplier. Daily maintenance checks of hire trucks are extremely important in ensuring the trucks perform at their best and maintain safety of the operator.

Simple things such as regular checks of rough terrain tyres for damage will ensure a customer doesn’t experience punctures that could delay operations. Event Managers are well within their rights to ask prospective suppliers what they do to ensure the safety of their hire trucks. Some suppliers may also offer additional safety features that are worth considering. Jungheinrich for example, has the ‘Red Spot’ system which projects a red LED light onto the floor giving advanced visual warning that a truck is approaching in noisy environments.

The main thing to remember when embarking on plant hire for any event is the consultation. Be open with potential suppliers and discuss previous pain points or concerns.

A good supplier will provide a service that extends much further than the truck itself. They will take the time to ensure that any questions event organisers and ops teams have are answered and as a result will provide well thought out solutions.

- Neil Warren, Used Equipment, Rental and Workshop Director, Jungheinrich UK

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