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We'll be back soon

As a year like no other draws to a close the Project Confidence/Recovery messaging will resume in the new year - this will allow for renewed direction and considered messaging.

Feel free to continue to post any related messaging using the tags; #projectrecovery, #projectconfidence in the meantime.

Thank you for your consistent support, willingness and positivity. We remain and will face whatever next year brings together and look forward to the time when we can meet again.

Important Update

As a result of the uncertainty our industry continues to face and our efforts to secure a much needed support package, our formerly known #ProjectConfidence campaign has become #ProjectRecovery until further notice.


This cross association project was created to formulate and implement consistent, timely and relevant communications across the three sides of the events industry – event organisers, venues and suppliers - to inform and engage stakeholders on our work to facilitate the safe resurgence of events, at the earliest opportunity.


  • Work collaboratively to create a comprehensive, rolling programme of communications to engage all stakeholders as we transition through recovery phases, providing the right information at the right time in the right manner.
  • Develop a common language and narrative, ensuring key messages are relevant and resonate with each stakeholder group, as well as reflective of current sentiment at each phase
  • Demonstrate, with transparency, that the events industry is taking an active role in its own recovery and is ready to manage the safe return of live events
  • Reinforce the value of the events industry; the need to safeguard it and why it’s important to prioritise its resurgence

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