We’re the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA), a trade body representing the very best suppliers of goods and services to the events industry. With a focus on Health & Safety, education, business development and driving excellence and shared best practice, ESSA and our members sit at the centre of the events community both in the UK and overseas.

We occupy a unique position amongst key industry stake holders by being part of the Events Industry Alliance. This alliance with the Association of Event Organisers and the Association of Event Venues gives ESSA and our members the opportunity to influence key initiatives and changes that can have a direct impact upon the whole sector. It also enables members access to several cross association working groups, networking events, conferences and forums, industry research and also benefiting from the impact of the ‘Use an ESSA Member’ campaign that targets organisers, venues and end users of the benefit of working with an ESSA member. On a day to day basis, we support our members with the provision of business essentials such as access to unlimited legal and HR advice, H&S support, insurance advice and a number of money saving group discounts.

Having established ourselves over the last 10 years (merger of BECA & AEC 2007), with our members we are the collective voice of the supplier and services sector.

ESSA - Purpose, Vision and Values



The voice of the event supplier and services community.  We seek to lead and inspire in order to deliver success to our members and the wider industry. 

Our Vision

Engage our members to seek the best solutions for the future of their businesses, our industry and our shared client success.

Core Values


By working together we are able to help our members and their customers overcome challenges, put initiatives in place to address issues and work together to develop opportunities across the events industry.


To match our member's passion for our industry in everything we do.


To hold ourselves up to the same standards of excellence we expect of our members.


To seek original, innovative and creative industry solutions to meet our member's needs


To achieve success by doing things the right way.

Future Focussed 

To always remain focussed on the challenges and opportunities ahead.


To lead on the key industry issues that affect our member's lives.

 Long Term Vision

'To represent the standard of excellence for the event Industry that suppliers and service providers aspire to achieve'

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