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Elevate Your Reputation

Stand out from the crowd by demonstrating
your commitment to sustainability and attracting
like-minded partners, clients, and stakeholders.

Unlock Opportunities

Gain access to new business prospects and tenders
that prioritise sustainability credentials, opening
doors to exciting collaborations.

Stay Current

Align your sustainability practices with ISO standards,
the EIA Cross-associations supplier's commitments and
the evolving expectations of the exhibition industry.

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 Why choose the ESSA Sustainability Accreditation

In today's dynamic exhibition industry, the demand for sustainability isn't just a trend; it's a necessity. Event organisers, exhibitors and other stakeholders are on the lookout for suppliers and contractors who share their commitment to environmental responsibility. Companies that recognise the need to act on sustainability and actively work on improving their efforts are going to be the more attractive choice for potential clients.

In order to assist our members within this area, ESSA is pleased to offer the ESSA Sustainability Accreditation. The accreditation serves as independent verification of a company’s sustainability performance, providing credibility and recognition in the field of sustainability.

Its criteria has been developed in collaboration with the ESSA Sustainability Working Group, and the Cross-Association Sustainability Working Group. It aligns with current industry standards, the cross-association commitments, the net-zero events initiative and ISO standards like ISO14001 and ISO20121.

It's important to note that the ESSA Sustainability Module does not intend to replace existing accreditations; rather, it complements and enhances them. We believe this module goes beyond the requirements of ISO standards, demanding tangible progress and evidence of improvement. Even for companies not currently engaged with the ISO process, this module serves as an ideal framework to embark on their sustainability journey.

By embracing the ESSA Sustainability Module, whether by completing it yourself or by choosing to work with sustainability accredited companies, you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, gain credibility, and help improve the sustainability practices of your work.

The ESSA Sustainability Accreditation is an evidenced focused, points based process, covering 12 essential aspects of sustainability management…

• Sustainability Policy

• Action Plan

• Awareness & Training

• Modern Slavery

• Equality & Diversity

• Air Quality

• Supporting the Community

• Staff Engagement

• Energy Management

• Procurement

• Waste Management

• Carbon Footprint

 Points and tiers of achievement

The accreditation is scored out of 100 points and 6 different tiers can be achieved. Certified, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and Tier 5. Each accredited company is issued with a dated certificate and logos to demonstrate what Tier they have achieved. The process is repeated on an annual process, allowing companies the chance to improve year on year and to ensure that sustainability management remains a priority.

Certified (0-20pts)

Starting your sustainability journey,
the Certified Status recognises your dedication
to sustainability and sets the stage
for further improvement

Tier 1 (21-30)

A significant milestone, Tier 1 accreditation
signifies substantial progress in adopting
sustainable practices and demonstrates
your commitment to making a positive impact

Tier 2 (31-50)

Attaining Tier 2 Accreditation showcases
your organisation's advanced sustainability
practices, placing you among the sustainability
leaders in the industry.

Tier 3 (50-69)

Tier 3 Accreditation celebrates
exceptional sustainability performance,
demonstrating your organisation's
outstanding commitment.

Tier 4 (70-89)

Tier 4 accreditation recognises organisations
that have achieved an exceptional level
of sustainability excellence, setting the
standard for industry-wide best practices.

Tier 5 (90-100)

The pinnacle of sustainability achievement,
Tier 5 accreditation represents extraordinary
dedication and outstanding results in every aspect
of sustainable practices. It distinguishes your organisation
as an industry leader and exemplar of sustainable excellence.

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We welcome all full members to join our growing list of accredited members and directly pursue the ESSA Sustainability Accreditation. It's your chance to showcase your dedication to sustainability.

Click the icon below for more information and contact if you have any questions.

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Interested in hS

ESSA is pleased to also provide a comprehensive H&S Accreditation that can help clients with their legal duties under CDM 2015 to assess competence and for ESSA Members to improve their H&S management systems.

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