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The CDM 2015 regulations place responsibility on clients to assess the competence of contractors they appoint for construction work. This involves verifying that individuals and companies possess the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, and resources to execute tasks safely and effectively.

However, conducting these assessments can be challenging due to limited time and resources, especially in the exhibition industry. To support both its members and the wider industry, ESSA Accreditation takes on this responsibility by thoroughly assessing companies on their health, safety, and management systems.

The accredited members listed below have undergone a rigorous evaluation, demonstrating a high level of safety management. This independent audit, based on PAS91, SSIP core criteria, and ISO certifications, not only helps clients fulfill their "reasonable steps to assess competence" requirement under CDM legislation but also fosters a safer work environment. Emphasizing confidence, professionalism, and a safety-oriented culture, accreditation becomes an invaluable asset for any company.

ESSA Sustainability Module

The ESSA Sustainability module is an optional, additional accreditation available for those companies who wish to showcase their sustainability efforts. Similar to the H&S accreditation it is an annual accreditation and requires yearly renewal. The ESSA Sustainability module assesses 12 different areas of sustainability related areas and achieving accreditation demonstrates the company's commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices.

Working with a sustainability accredited company can enhance your brand's reputation and corporate image. You can proudly showcase your association with environmentally responsible partners, appealing to environmentally-conscious customers and stakeholders. Click here for more information about the module.

ESSA H&S Accredited Members

 *Sustainability module achievement

ESSA Sustainability Accredited Members


Company name  Category Accreditation
Abraxys Ltd Health & Safety TIER 4
Aboveline Ltd Stand Design & Build TIER 2
Attend2IT IT Rental/IT Support TIER 4
Aztec Event Services Audio Visual/ IT Rental  TIER 5
The Barista Catering TIER 4
DBPixelhouse Audio Visual TIER 4
Full Circle Full Service TIER 4
GL Events UK Ltd Full Service TIER 4
Icon Exhibitions Stand Contractors TIER 5
Ignition DG Stand Design & Build TIER 5
Insite Marketing Solutions Ltd/Insite Graphics Graphics TIER 5
Macro Art Ltd  Graphics TIER 4
MediaHut Merchandise TIER 4
More Events Logistics Logistics TIER 2
Periscope Live Ltd Stand Design & Build TIER 2
Press Red Rentals Ltd Audio Visual TIER 3
Psycho Peacock Graphics TIER 4
Redblu Graphics & Displays Ltd Stand Contractors TIER 5
Solutions 2 (UK) Ltd Stand Contractors TIER 4
Spiro Stand Contractors TIER 5
Tecna UK Stand Contractors TIER 5
Torpedo Production Ltd Stand Contractors TIER 2
Vertex Displays Ltd Stand Contractors TIER 4


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