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ESSA particpates in relevant Cross Association groups with AEO and AEV  members. 

These combined groups draw from the broader range of talent and expertise across all areas of the event industry and enable cross pollination and the exploration of ideas relevant to the industry.

Challenges can be raised, issues debated, ideas conceived and solutions sought. 

We welcome and value all experience and expertise and encourage enthusiasm.  Collaboration in this way will allow us all to grow.

If you are interested in joining one of the five Cross Association Working Groups please email


HR WorkingGroup ICON XB     HR WorkingGroup ICON XB     Sustainability WorkingGroup ICON XB     Technology WorkingGroup ICON XB     Technical Committee Electrics ICON XB
Health and Safety
Working Group
The Event Industry
HR Group
Working Group
Working Group
Technical Committee
- Electrics


Download our flyer Join the Conversation to find out when and where the groups will be meeting this year.

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