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 **2021 edition Release**

The eGuide is essential reading for venues, organisers, exhibitors and supplier companies. The objective of the eGuide is to provide clear and straightforward guidance for achieving common standards of health, safety and operational planning, management and on-site conduct across UK event venues.

Amongst other areas, the eGuide provides guidance on areas such as risk assessment, build up and breakdown and electrical testing.

Recognised as the industry’s best practice document, the eGuide is continually reviewed by working industry professionals who represent the best advice currently available, and who themselves have to work within the guidelines in their own professional capacities.

10 sections have been reviewed and streamlined. Promo card for social and pr

  • Build-up and Breakdown
  • Children
  • Creches
  • Floor Plans
  • Health and Safety Responsibilities  
  • Risk Assessment
  • Waste
  • Water and Waste
  • Water Features

The Technology Working Group has also contributed an explanatory piece on WiFi devices and bands for the ‘Connectivity’ section.

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