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The eGuide is essential reading for venues, organisers, exhibitors and supplier companies. The objective of the eGuide is to provide clear and straightforward guidance for achieving common standards of health, safety and operational planning, management and on-site conduct across UK event venues.

Amongst other areas, the eGuide provides guidance on areas such as risk assessment, build up and breakdown and electrical testing.

Recognised as the industry’s best practice document, the eGuide is continually reviewed by working industry professionals who represent the best advice currently available, and who themselves have to work within the guidelines in their own professional capacities.

18 sections have been reviewed, including useful updates in the ‘Disability’ section on making events more inclusive and a complete revamp of the ‘Catering’ section, now much simplified and more user-friendly.  

Download the August 2020 Edition.

Below you are able to download the latest copy with or without the latest amends highlighted.  If you don't need to access to the whole document you can download specific sections on Catering, Connectivity, Electrics, Security Stand Build.  There are standardised templates to use too. 

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eGUIDE 2020 Covid 19

Covid-19 Appendix

This dynamic guidance has been produced to expand upon the All Secure Standards document that has been published within the Visitor Economy Tourism Guidance and is specifically for events taking place in exhibition and conference centres.

The guidance is aimed to assist venues, organisers and contractors to plan and prepare for events in the near future in response to COVID-19 and should be read in conjunction with the All Secure Standard document.

Download the appendix here

This outlines what measures exhibition organisers, venues and the supply chain are taking to ensure the health and safety of all its visitors, exhibitors, and event personnel in response to COVID-19.

The objective of this document is to provide considerations and guidance as an input into your risk assessment.

Our thanks go to members of the Cross-Association Event Recovery Group, AEV Event Re-Open Ops Group and AEV working groups.

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