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ESSA aims to raise awareness to the Events and Exhibition sector of the importance of using a contractor or supplier that is a member of a recognised association, giving the end user assurances of the best possible service.

In the current economic climate it is important to make the right choice, to have confidence in your contractor or supplier to give satisfaction and guarantee success.
ESSA members adhere to the ESSA Code of Conduct and will be able to provide you with:
  • a valid dated membership certificate;
  • a valid dated quality service charter certificate;
  • a valid dated Bond Certificate (if applicable to the member);and
  • display the membership logo for the current year.


Membership Certificate
Quality Service Charter
Code of Conduct
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What can I do?

  • Organisers

Educate your buyers by promoting ESSA in your exhibitor manuals, and referring them to the ESSA website when looking for a contractor. If your exhibitor buys with confidence and receives a good service, has a stress free experience and enjoys a successful show, chances are they will exhibit again next year which can only be a great testament, not only to you as the Organiser, but to ESSA for proving time and time again that using an approved supplier does guarantee success.

  • Venues

Educate your buyers and users by promoting ESSA on your website and other resource portals. Suggest they go to the ESSA website when looking for a contractor. If ESSA members work in your halls you should have less headaches as they have many years of experience in the industry and know what they are doing. Your clients should also receive a good service, and have a stress free experience so the chances are they will be back again and again.

  • Exhibitors

If you have never exhibited before it can be a pretty stressful experience and even if you have exhibited it can still be quite stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you use an ESSA Member. ESSA Members are accepted by their peers, submit company accounts, proof of insurance, and two referees and subject to ad hoc site visit checks. We take very seriously the use of the ESSA logo and members are required to adhere to the ESSA Code of Conduct and Quality Service Charter. The ESSA Bond insures against work undertaken by some of our members in the case of non-completion, guaranteeing that the work with be carried out and completed by another ESSA member, although it is rarely used. For a full listing of all ESSA Members click here. You can search alphabetically by supplier, service or region. For guidance on how to exhibit please visit FaceTime, which provides you with expertise and guidance on how to exhibit and why live events work.

  • Members

Make the most of your membership not just by using the great services and benefits given to you as member, but by promoting that you are a member of ESSA and an approved supplier/contractor to the Events and Exhibition Industry.

    • Ensure you display your certificates where they can be seen in your reception areas.
    • Don’t wait to be asked if you are a member of ESSA, provide clients with copies of your certificates.
    • Display the current member logo on your email footers and on your website.
    • Use the Association logo on your company stationery and livery.
    • If you exhibit at a show then make sure the ESSA logo is displayed on your stand.
    • Use the new collateral we have provided you in your sales pitches

If you are a contractor or supplier wishing to apply for ESSA membership, please have a look at the Benefits of Membership

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