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Whether it is a festival, exhibition, corporate event, or virtual meeting, attend2IT knows you need a complete range of IT services that are dependableuser-friendly, and flexible. We have provided services to some of the biggest (and smallest) events in the UK, such as event Wi-Fi, CCTV and streaming.




Our team provides a high-end service to events and venues of every description, from intimate social gatherings to events with 20,000+ attendees, by collaborating directly with AV companies, agencies, venues, or end-clients. We are able to offer reliable and efficient event IT solutions due to our industry experience, knowledgeable team and continued investment in the most up-to-date technology.


Attend2IT marks milestone birthday!

Today marks a huge milestone for our company as we celebrate 15 incredible years.


Products and Services

Festival WiFi

Without a fast, reliable connection your festival could lose money in a number of ways. Ticketing relies on Wi-Fi to allow for late sales, to combat fraud and for live reporting. PDQ (Process Data Quicky / credit card) machines need the internet to process credit card payments, while productions require connectivity to get their job done. 95% of our work is temporary and 99% in the events industry. Our solutions are always backed up, and we know that the deadlines for an event opening cannot be changed. We also know that every event is different, which is why we tailor our solutions to your needs, not the other way around

Exhibition WiFi

Get paid while we provide you with your WiFi. We charge you for your infrastructure (ticketing etc.) and provide you with a link for your exhibitors. We take the bookings and e-mail out the details to your clients as well as giving you a commission on any sales made, then subtract them from your final bill. We provide a portal as part of the service to allow you to track orders, and we can even add other trades to the portal, creating a one-stop-shop for your exhibitors to book and manage their event.

IT Anywhere

From event WiFi in an exhibition venue to ticketing in a field, or even streaming on a moving train – we can get you connected. Using a variety of technologies you’ll get a reliable, affordable and suitable connection from us. We have close links with all the major providers and resell a lot of their services. This cuts out the middleman, bringing down your costs and ensuring reliability; if there is a problem we will use our industry connections to get it solved – fast.

Temporary EPoS and PDQ

Keeping track of payments and stock during temporary events can be difficult. New temp staff and a different layout each time requires a bespoke solution. Our EPoS systems are designed only for the events industry and we can offer as simple or complex stock management and sales tracking as you require. Our PDQs don’t use the 3G network, so won’t suffer once the site is full of people. In addition, we are always on site or at the end of the phone to answer any questions your team might have once in-situ. A regular EPoS system simply cannot compete with this level of service.


In the ever-evolving landscape of the events sector, the importance of CCTV has grown significantly. While it can be perceived as a potentially expensive necessity, integrating it with our existing infrastructure (WiFi, Ticketing, or Event Apps) presents a cost-effective solution. Leveraging what’s already in place ensures a comprehensive and efficient system without breaking the bank. Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology takes security to the next level by automatically validating MOT, checking registration dates, and cross-referencing colors with government databases. This not only enhances onsite vehicle security but also facilitates functions like vehicle tracking and parking charges, seamlessly integrated with our ticketing platform and organisers’ portal. Accessing side-wide CCTV images from anywhere, both on and off-site, showcases the adaptability of our solutions. The deployed infrastructure provides a truly flexible and robust system, offering you peace of mind and optimal

People Counting

We offer CCTV, Wi-Fi or centralised solutions for people counting, all are cloud based, allowing people counting across multiple zones or sites. A central management portal allows remote staff access to a dashboard of how many people are in each zone. The system can be customised to suit your specific site needs. Including SMS and audio alerts when an area gets too full.


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