Reporting and tracking are your routes to trade show sales superstardom. This post highlights key parts of the tracking process.

Reporting and tracking are your routes to trade show sales superstardom.

Why? Because you’ll be someone who knows how to build sales and win customers.

Most important of all, you will also be able to demonstrate what it costs to generate leads and sales from trade show participation. 

Take time to record results from all recent events; the objective is to rank their performance based on;

  • Leads generated
  • Orders closed from leads generated 
  • The cost per lead 
  • The cost per order 

To only judge events by the number of leads you take away is helpful but not the whole story. 

It’s also vital to see conversion rates. 

What you really need to identify are the events where a higher percentage of leads turn into orders. 

When you have that data, you can explore why one event has outperformed another. 

Detective-like thinking is useful and will take into account a range of factors that could include; 

  • The number of visitors attending 
  • Which team was working on the stand 
  • The duration of the event 
  • The location of the event, or your stand position 
  • How good or bad the weather was during the event 
  • If there were transportation problems during the event 

You may also find that visitors to one show produce higher value first-time orders than those at another. There may be differences in the speed in which orders close. Some events may provide high numbers of leads but convert poorly. 

These are all things you can only find out by in-depth analysis. 

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Wishing you safe and well.

David O'Beirne 



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