Vividink has launched a new way of servicing its clients, no longer based upon billable hours but based upon customer needs.

The billable hour has had its day. It was always an agency centric approach and never gave clients clear visibility of where their retainer was being deployed. We have decided to move away from that approach and take an approach that focuses on delivery.

Quite simply clients want to know what their budgets will deliver - the outcomes - not the process. So we have taken 12 months to identify what it takes to deliver each element of the pr and comms mix - time, research, skill, process and people. This has allowed us to create a point based value for each one.

A retainer buys a number of points and these can then be called off as the plan and circumstances require, ensuring that everyone knows precisely where any campaign is at any time.

We have also recognised that the world doesn’t neatly divide into 12 convenient units so there is an opportunity to carry unused points over into the following month and, if needed, to borrow from the month following without having to increase the budget or be hit with additional costs with a month - making budgeting and management nice and easy.

For more detail, on Points Based Pricing, there is more information here or drop us an email and we would be happy to chat how points based pricing can work for you.

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