Press Red Rentals, the event and exhibition AV specialists, has added lighting installation to the list of services it offers, with its first deployment at Hotel, Restaurant & Catering, 20-22 March 2022, ExCeL London, for client Interlink Design and Display on two stands.

Tim Manton, managing director, Interlink, explained why he chose Press Red for the first time, saying, “After the pandemic, we discovered we needed a new supplier for lighting installations. While we normally do everything in-house, we usually contracted lighting installation out to one of the larger exhibition companies, but Press Red stood out with its track record, transparency and no-nonsense approach. The Press Red team was the model of speed and efficiency, which was vital to getting the stands built-in time as we can't work on the stand until the lights are in and the gantry is raised. The team  installed over 50 100w LED lighting units onto the gantries, and everything worked faultlessly."

"We couldn't be happier with the service," Stanton concluded, "Here at Interlink we intend to use Press Red for all our lighting installations from now on. Outstanding!"

Derek Tallent, managing director, Press Red Rentals, said, "This was our first time installing a complete lighting set-up. It's not a service we've offered before, and I'm now more convinced than ever that we've got everything it takes to successfully deliver installations on this scale and meet the growing demand for lighting services."

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