Not all Barmotion's coffee bars are for brand activations, exhibitions or conferences, as it also works with the film industry to provide on-site catering and refreshments. Last week Barmotion received an urgent call from a production company. The production team needed a coffee bar ready to serve the film crew, on set, in 36 hours time.

Within 18 hours of receiving the call, Barmotion had the coffee bar set up on-site, ready for a 7 am start the next morning. Barmotion's 'Rockstar' Baristas were there ahead of time to warm up the machines and start serving coffee to the grateful crew filming at the major film studio.

Barmotion's managing director, Alexia Swart said "Of course, we'd love to tell you all about the film and the studio, but we've been asked to keep it all under wraps for now! "

A spokesperson for the production company said, "I called Barmotion with less than two days to go, and they were in and set up by the next evening, ready to go for early the following morning. We needed a coffee bar capable of catering to a film crew of close to 100 as we were filming at late notice! As always the team was highly professional and engaging and we got great responses from numerous crew members who remarked particularly on how cheerful, friendly and efficient they were."

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