Jonas Event Technology now offer a front-of-house scanner app for your events - meaning real-time attendee data.

Jonas Event Technology now offer a front-of-house scanner app that offers real-time attendee data. We tested the app back in February after a few months of development. JET Enter is able to show accurate attendee numbers instantly – giving the organiser an insight into the trends and patterns of their visitors, and having been built with JET Reporting in mind, not only does it provide up to the minute reports of how many people have attended, but also provides details of who and when. This was of great value to Prysm Group who came to us with a requirement for real-time attendee data. Prysm wanted to provide their sales teams onsite with intelligence on the quality of attendees in the hall at any point in time to allow them to better inform exhibitors as to the opportunities available from their stand space and aid re-booking of stands for future years. Something JET Enter allowed them to do, you can read a case study from one of their events, The Business Show, here.

The next steps for JET Enter are providing an entry management system to make sure the correct visitors are attending the event, and then, once inside, to make sure the correct visitors are attending the right seminars and are allowed access to any specific areas. Jonas Event Technology are also keen to offer a number of our services to the self-serve market, and this is one area that the client could run by themselves. Even with a limited budget, there is no reason that a laptop, a printer, and an app couldn’t see the organiser run successful event registration for their show.

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