Launching an event should be a cause for real excitement, but as anyone who’s launched their own event knows, it can be a very daunting prospect

Striking up relationships with the people who are going to deliver your event is probably the most important first step, because the success or failure of your event will depend on the quality of the partnerships you create.

Working with a well-established contractor with proven event expertise and experience can short circuit this process for you, allowing you to plug into their existing relationships and partnerships that have been built up over years of delivering events. Some contractor businesses, like ours, don't just build stands, but provide what amounts to a full-spectrum consultancy for your event launch success. From advising you on the choice of venue, or finding the independent ops or organiser firms best suited to your kind of event, the partnership with the right contractor will help everything fall into place, and smooth your path to success.

Well developed key partnerships don't just give you peace of mind, they can free up your time to focus on the vital aspects of bringing a new show to market, like securing your bellwethers – the headline acts, leading industry exhibitors & top sponsors whose endorsements carry great weight with delegates, visitors or customers. With trusted and recognised partners on board, you can help overcome the typical reluctance of signature exhibitors and top sponsors to associate themselves with the first edition of your event.

At Showlite, we're committed to not just delivering the job, but creating the conditions for your success. Our working relationships and partnerships span the entire UK event sector and reach out internationally  too. We're not so big as to assign a different account manager to you every three weeks, but we're not so small that every project has us stretched to capacity.

We know virtually all major UK venues, organisers and independent operations companies, and have over time built up strong relationships and partnerships by virtue of working with them for years. But we also strive to develop and strengthen our partnerships outside of our working lives, whether that's keeping in touch through event industry working groups and conferences, or simply socialising after an event.

So when you choose your event contractor, it's worth finding one as early in the process as possible, picking one that has the connections and experience you need to deliver your launch event, as well as being able to deliver their quality products and services.

Price, as ever, is an important part of this decision, but quality, professionalism and commitment matter more. You’re setting the standard with your event launch, and first impressions count. You need every facet of your event, from the carpets to the catering, to be delivered by people who know and share your ambition and want to do their best, instead of giving you something that is just "good enough".

Good enough is never good enough for anything, least of all your all-important event launch!

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