Have you heard about our SmartServe? It’s the lead capture app and survey tool that rewards your visitors with a free hot drink.

There’s a new lead capture app in town and it starts with a free coffee

Exhibitors have long known the value of serving complimentary coffee on stand. It helps to increase footfall, share branding and gets the conversation moving in the right direction; but, have you considered that a mobile coffee bar could also be a sales opportunity? In fact, it’s an easy way to turn stand visitors into qualified leads in seconds – via their coffee order.                                          

Turning attendees into leads, qualifying and surveying them – all in one interaction

When serving coffee at an exhibition, you might end up thinking “are all these visitors relevant?” “do they have a need for our products and services?” or “are they simply after a quick freebie?”

Well, we’ve created a way for you to know for sure. SmartServe is the lead capture and survey tool developed by us, The Barista. It’s synced to your coffee service for a seamless ordering experience.

SmartServe has been designed to provide clients with a non-invasive way of gathering the data of visitors who stop by for a coffee. It’s the future of lead capture and we can’t wait for more clients to try it.

Want to know more?

SmartServe is completely customisable and lets you gather the exact data that’s important to your business. You can find all the details about SmartServe and its features over on our website or by reading the full blog.

There’s also a video that shows exactly how the process workswatch the video.


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