Electrics Technical Committee and Technology Working Group meet on 6 November 2019 to discuss common issues.

An objective for both these working groups this year have been to monitor the advancements in rechargeable battery technology and whilst this has cross pollinated to the H&S working groups who ran a talking shop on the subject back in August it was agreed that these two cross association working groups should share further thoughts, establish a collective stance and explore how we can manage industry expectations and stablise any knee-jerk reactions to this emerging technology given its application to batter packs for exhibits, special events and other markets.

26 technology and electric experts from across AEV and ESSA membership travelled to P&JLive in Aberdeen to collaborate in conversation, discuss as individual groups and to gain access all areas to the amazing new space and adjacent energy center.The combined group delved into similar thoughts concerning battery technologies and will be forming a sub group to explore the way forward in research and industry comment.
After a short break the groups split into their individual working groups to follow an agenda focusing on certain matters at hand covering recruitment challenges, 2020 objectives, a CRM presentation from SEC’s Sammia Shakoor, the live connectivity crib sheets, European venues, complex rigging, a brief nod to surge protection and ESSA’s contractor accreditation.
Thank you to both chairs (Amir Vered and Chris Morrison from Olympia London), our hosts P&JLive for their hospitality, all those who attended. The group dispersed after a venue tour when some flew home while others enjoyed an evening out in the city. 
The first meeting of 2020 for the Technology working group will take place on 16th March at Silverstone and the Electrics Technical working group to take place on 10th July at QEII Centre

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