The Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) has today launched a comprehensive sustainability module to the ESSA Accredited scheme, the organisation’s independently audited, annual company level qualification for its members.

The module has been drafted by ESSA’s Health & Safety project manager, Josh Taylor, with considerable input from across the sector including the cross-association sustainability working group.

Taylor explained how the new sustainability qualification works, saying, “This is an optional module for members who are already ESSA Accredited, and awards four levels of sustainability accreditation, scored on active engagement in sustainability management across 13 different areas of business. Application to the module is free of charge, and begins with an application pack available directly from ESSA. This module has been developed with rigorous feedback from a dedicated Beta Test Team of ESSA members, and I’m indebted to them for their hard work and critical analysis.”

Taylor continued, “This module encourages participating companies to build sustainability into their processes and practices by default. It gives them a tailored roadmap for continuous improvement and recognition of that progress with four levels of accreditation: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Leaf. Exhibitors, Venues and Organisers can be confident that ESSA Accredited companies with this qualification have adopted sustainable practices in alignment with ISO standards, current industry standards and the EIA cross-association supplier’s sustainability commitments.”

Andrew Harrison, ESSA director, emphasised the significance of the launch of the sustainability module, saying, “This new module, developed with member support, recognises the growing importance of every aspect of sustainability in events, and gives our members the opportunity to distinguish themselves in an industry that is only just beginning to come back to life. I’m immensely grateful to Josh for his determination and attention to detail in drafting this module, and to those ESSA members whose invaluable support and contributions got us this far.”

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