As the volume of events grows, Andrew Harrison, director of the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) urges event professionals to use accredited suppliers to help them deliver events safely and successfully.

Events are back with a bang and we are all busier than ever, which is great news for a sector impacted for so long and so heavily by restrictions and lockdowns.

While it’s wonderful to be active and doing what we love once again, the rush to get back to business, particularly when faced with challenges such as short lead times and increased cost pressures, can lead us to make rash or even wrong decisions about who we work with.

Pressured by deadlines and client demands, we may neglect to carry out due diligence and select services and suppliers who fall below our usual high standards because they are within easy reach, and/or are able to meet our clients’ budget.

But these challenging times are exactly when we should be working with those who adhere to the highest possible standards. Not only will this provide support and reassurance to you when you need it most, it will also guarantee the best possible outcome for your client and therefore help secure future business. You may be busy now, but if you cut corners and something goes wrong, your calendar may soon be filled with tumbleweed.

Finding suppliers who adhere to high standards isn’t as hard as you might think. Any supplier who becomes a member of ESSA, for example, is appraised and audited annually against stringent criteria, including health and safety standards.  

At ESSA we provide consultancy and lead and push our members to be the best they can, with health and safety as the driver. In the past there were calls from across the industry to raise standards and provide assurance, so we listened and have now delivered.

Our growing number of members are ready to help deliver events safely and successfully, it’s now up to event professionals to allow them to do so.

Published in the June/July issue of Hospitality & Events North magazine

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