Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) is proud to announce that global exhibitions and shows organiser, Montgomery Group, has become the first organiser in the UK to publicly endorse ESSA Accredited as the future for health and safety benchmarking of services and suppliers to the events industry.

With over a century of experience organising first-class exhibitions and shows such as FIT Show, Independent Hotel Show and IFE, the award-winning Montgomery Group has a market leading reputation in the events organiser sector the world over.

Recognising the importance of quality standards and assurances, the Montgomery Group has positioned health and safety benchmarking standards, as outlined by ESSA Accredited, at the centre of its own procurement process. 

Emma Pellman, Head of Operations at the Montgomery Group commented: “ESSA has worked incredibly hard over a number of years to develop a thorough, independently audited accreditation for suppliers in the exhibition industry. For us, as organisers, using ESSA-accredited suppliers is a no-brainer.”

Josh Taylor, Health and Safety Manager at ESSA said: “It is incredibly important for the ESSA Accreditation to receive an endorsement from such a well-recognised, respected and historic organiser group. It is vital that organisers, venues and exhibitors start their journey understanding that ESSA and its members are leading from the front and have raised the benchmark by implementing a process that will see the biggest change for the better within health and safety in our industry for 30 years.

“ESSA Accredited is the natural progression in driving professionalism, quality assurance and best practise. It offers continued improvement within our industry and provides a clear system that works for everyone in terms of monitoring and understanding the benefits it brings. Receiving such affirmation and backing from an organiser who recently received the Organiser of the Century Award at the 2021 AEO Centenary Awards is testament to the future of ESSA Accredited and the positive impact it will undoubtedly continue to have on the wider industry in the coming years.” 

If you would like to learn more about ESSA Accredited and the benefits it brings to the wider events community, ESSA representatives are happy to run workshops at your convenience with you and your teams. Contact info@essa.uk.com or call 01442 285812.


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