The Association of Event Venues (AEV) has announced the publication of the 2022 edition of the eGuide, the essential industry guide to compliance and standards in events, including new information and updates to a dozen sections covering almost every aspect of venue operation and management.

Sian Richards, chair of the eGuide working group and head of sustainability at Olympia London said, “I’m delighted to introduce the 2022 edition of the eGuide. We’ve reviewed 12 sections this year, to ensure it remains current and continues to provide an invaluable resource for our customers and partners in the industry while working in any of the UK’s adoptee venues. Thank you, once again, to all members of the eGuide working group and subcommittee for their hard work and to the AEV for facilitating this release.”

Alden Arnold, AEV project manager, welcomed the publication of the 2022 eGuide, added, “I’m proud to see the latest edition of the eGuide being published today. Many members, across all three associations, have contributed their time and expertise to ensure this vital resource is kept fully up to date. They have consistently revised it to include guidance on rapidly changing factors whilst continually improving and expanding on existing best practices".

The eGuide is now available from the AEV, including a version with changes highlighted and five sections downloadable in isolation.


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