This National Recycle Week, ESSA has launched its Sustainability Awareness training course which focuses on all key knowledge areas of sustainability theory and practice for the supplier and services sector.

In its continued provision of market-leading training to members, ESSA has created this course in conjunction with sustainability consultancy and ESSA member, Green Circle Solutions, to offer clear guidance for companies and their staff to follow across principal areas of sustainability.

Whilst most companies are not legally committed to creating strong sustainability strategies, ESSA recognises that many of its members are keen to get ahead of the game and start making a difference now. With clients increasingly demanding that those they work with adopt sustainable credentials, it also offers a competitive advantage.

Free and with unlimited access to full ESSA members, the course is split into digestible chapters to provide a robust understanding of the important paths to a sustainable business in a clear and concise way. Topics covered include:

  • Sustainability background
  • Understanding our impact
  • The language of carbon
  • Reporting and planning for net zero

ESSA already offers company-level Accredited status, a quality assurance programme designed to offer peace of mind to exhibitors, event organisers and venues. A sustainability module is available as part of the ESSA Accreditation which encourages participating companies to build sustainability into their processes by default and offers a tailored roadmap for continuous improvement. It also encourages companies to measure and set targets which can be benchmarked.

With many members starting from the ground up, this Sustainability Awareness training course has been designed to help make sense of this complex but vital approach to business in order to help start their sustainability journey and ultimately pave the way towards achieving Accredited status within the area of sustainability.

ESSA director, Andrew Harrison, said: “Sustainability, as a core part of business, is a must-have, and those that incorporate it into their business strategies are being socially responsible and are also improving their business and their position in the industry.

“There is a keen appetite amongst our members to embed all aspects of sustainability into the way they do business but it can be incredibly difficult to know where to start which is where this training course comes in. We have designed it in a logical and succinct way to enlighten members and enable them to build their sustainability roadmap whilst dispelling the myths surrounding how complicated it needs to be.”

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