ESSA has launched its new Sales Working Group this month, dedicated to elevating the effectiveness and professionalism of sales and commercial teams across the exhibition industry's supply chain.

Chaired by The Exhibition Guy, Stephan Murtagh, and supported by Vice Chair Hayley Woodall from Aztec Event Services, the first working group meeting will take place online on Wednesday 15 May at 10am.

Whether you are just starting out on your sales career or are an industry veteran, the primary objective of this working group is to foster a community of learning and excellence among sales professionals at all levels, and will seek to address key challenges, promote best practices and facilitate robust peer-to-peer support for all.

Key group objectives:

  • Promote Best Practices: Develop and disseminate industry-specific best practices through collaborative exploration and shared experiences. The group will establish guidelines and standards to enhance the quality and efficiency of sales processes.
  • Peer-to-Peer Support: Provide a supportive network where members can exchange insights, seek advice and share successes and challenges in a confidential setting. This environment will nurture professional growth and innovation.
  • Professional Development: Create and refine industry-specific resources and training programmes designed to equip sales professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in the exhibition industry.
  • Regular Meetings: Convene three times a year for virtual meetings to maintain continuous engagement and momentum. Additionally, an annual in-person meeting will reinforce relationships and enhance collaborative efforts among members.
  • Resource Creation: The development of comprehensive resources such as training modules, case studies and sales strategies tailored to the unique needs of the exhibition industry. These materials will be aimed at bolstering the capabilities of sales teams and fostering industry-wide standards.

ESSA’s Sales Working Group aims to enhance the individual and collective performance of its members which in turn will contribute significantly to the advancement of the exhibition industry with improved industry standards in sales.

All ESSA members from sales and commercial teams are invited to join this working group. To register your interest and for further information on how to join please visit here or email Nicola Crawford at


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