Throughout our Dispelling the Myths series, we’ve explored preconceptions around timecosts and benefits but many may feel it is a lack of available resources that are preventing them from becoming accredited.

Yet even with accreditation being achievable in less than six weeks, affordable and accompanied by numerous benefits, the fact remains that many may still feel it is simply a lack of available resources that is preventing them from becoming accredited. However, applying for ESSA Health & Safety accreditation may be less demanding than you initially think.

That’s because we ensure you don’t need to start from scratch. ESSA provides companies with numerous templates and examples to help you with your application which outline clear steps and a framework to work through. Historical documentation is also not required, with our templates helping you to create new examples of evidence to showcase your commitment and health and safety.

Our guidance ensures anyone can work their way through the accreditation process – with the submission itself able to be done by one person. Whether choosing to work on it independently or collaboratively as a team, our guidance encourages developing and promoting a strong culture of sharing and awareness when it comes to managing health and safety, with advice and support to help you champion it throughout your company.

The resources and support we provide are also one of the many reasons businesses choose us when it comes to prioritising health and safety. Our recent feedback survey found that those who completed their ESSA Health & Safety accreditation scored us an average of 9/10 when it came to receiving the necessary support and guidance throughout the accreditation process.

Starting your health and safety accreditation journey can be daunting, but we ensure you have all the resources and support you need to help you on your way to accreditation success with ease.

In summary:

  • Templates and examples ensure you don’t need to start from scratch
  • ESSA team on hand for support to help you through the entire process
  • Guidance ensures anyone can become health and safety accredited
  • No need to have all your historical documents in place

For more information about ESSA Health & Safety Accreditation, view our accreditation page, or have a read of our most frequently asked questions.


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