The Event Supplier and Services association has announced it is an official backer of #EventWell17 UK, the inaugural British event industry mental health and wellbeing week, 18-22 September 2017.

The week, which aims to highlight and demonstrate support for mental health and wellbeing issues within the event industry, is supported by a number of industry bodies, and provides advice, support and practical help for dealing with the typical mental health issues that affect event professionals in particular.

Andrew Harrison, ESSA director, explained the association’s support for the awareness week saying, “EventWell 17 is a great new way of shining the light of recognition on the subject of mental health and wellbeing amongst event industry professionals. Working in events can be a particularly stressful job at times, there can be a lot at stake and time pressure is a constant companion. It’s heartening to see the event industry recognising this issue and taking steps to address and improve the mental health and wellbeing of all event industry professionals.”

EventWell 17 has produced a help and support guide specifically for event professionals which can be downloaded from the EventWell site here

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