Martin Cairns, Commercial Director, Reeds Carpets, having served on the Board as a member for 9 years and vice chair for 2 years, has officially succeeded Chris Criscione as the ESSA Chair.

Andrew Harrison, ESSA director, formally welcomed Cairns to the role, saying: “Martin is a vociferous and enthusiastic champion of ESSA and the industry we all stand for.
“His desire to meet challenges in a collegiate and practical way, and his passion for change, will be great assets to the work of the ESSA board, and it gives me great pleasure to welcome him to the role of Chair.”

Cairns (pictured) responded: “It goes without saying that we owe a great deal to the outgoing chair, Chris Criscione, who has served the board as chair so admirably throughout his two-year tenure. ESSA has achieved a great deal over the last 10 years and has really found its voice in the industry at large.

“It’s my hope that I can help drive the association on with greater recognition outside the industry, building the reputation of ESSA members through accreditation and shared expertise, and providing the benefits and support members will need now and in the future.”

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