ESSA's Future Focus Board, the body charged with changing how the industry recruits, trains and retains young people, has revealed the results of its first research.

The Young Employee Survey 2019.

Compiled into a well-structured infographic, the survey results make interesting reading for employers and employees. The data came from a detailed survey of participating ESSA member businesses. The Future Focus Board asked young employees and their employers about dozens of subjects, including training, salary expectations, ambitions, recruitment and qualifications.

Jess Corbett of Concept Furniture, and chair of the Future Focus Board said, "A key element of the Future Focus Board is to stimulate thought and action on recruiting and retaining young people in the industry. We've chosen to communicate the results of this research project firstly as an infographic because it's inherently shareable and easily digested in a quick read."

"This research," Corbett concluded, "is the springboard for the coming year's activities, and we'll be holding two break out sessions at this year's ESSA Conference at Arena MK on November 28th."

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