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On Tuesday 29th September 2020 at 12.30pm there will be a peaceful protest held at Parliament Square in London.  

All attendees will gather in Parliament Square and stand still and quiet for 30 minutes in a socially distanced, safe, organised way reflecting the people of the events and exhibitions industry to Parliament in a positive way.

The protest has been organised by We Stand As One #WeMakeEvents

If you are planning to attend please be aware of the following information. 



Covid-19 Policy Guidelines and Track and Trace Requirements

  • All attendees must agree to the Covid-19 guidelines and complete the Track and Trace Form at the bottom of this page - thank you. 

The Message

We Stand As One are calling for meaningful support from the Government until the industry is allowed to operate.

  • Inclusion and extension of business rate reliefs until 2022
  • Inclusion on any future job retention schemes
  • Repurposing of D.I.T’s international exhibitor funding scheme to be extended to domestic events
  • Inclusion on any government grants specific to the sector
  • Government backed insurance schemes specific to our sector

The Detail 

When:  Tues 29th September 2020

Getting There: It is envisaged that the protest will attract alot of people; please therefore avoid Westminster Station.  If you have to use public transport you are requested not to use Westminster station but to pick stations in the surrounding areas and walk from there as it is important to avoid overcrowding at pinch points.

The Meeting Point:

Update 29.09.2020: If you are registering today please note that Parliament Square has reached capacity.  Upon arrival please look out for signs for GROUP B and congregate on the College Green in a socially distanced manner from 12 noon. Thank you.

Parliament Square, London SW1A 0AA

  • Please start gathering at 12.10pm onwards.
  • At 12.30pm stand still & quiet, socially distanced until 13:00.  (Stay 2 meters apart)
  • Then disperse in an orderly fashion on foot - leave no trace and take all your placards and rubbish with you.
  • Please do not gather in the pubs and bars in the surrounding areas afterwards. 

What to bring: Face coverings;  water; hand sanitizer

Signs and Placards:  You are permitted to bring signs and placards if you wish, which tell of your plight, how this affects you and what you have lost. It is important to remember that the aim is to persuade Parliament to back the industry therefore anti government signs are not permitted.  In addition #WeMakeEvents is a non political organisation which has fundraising efforts in the same name and anti government signs will jeopardise the work of this group.  Please ensure that you take all your placards away with you afterwards.  Leave no trace. 

What to wear: Wear your normal working clothes - accessorise in red or wear red if you wish to support We Stand As One #WeMakeEvents

Respect the environment: Take all placards and any rubbish away with you afterwards.  Leave no trace.  It is important that Parliament Square is left clear of any evidence of the protest afterwards.

Covid-19 Safety Guidelines and Track and Trace Form

In order to attend the event you are required to complete the form below.  Not only does this record information for Track and Trace purposes but also provides the organisers of the event with an indication of expected numbers on the day. 

Creative Demonstration SAFETY & COVID19 GUIDELINES

The safety of all participants is priority during these unprecidented times. It is of upmost importance that we adhere to social distancing measures and create the right message in raising awareness for our industry. 

Please take note and comply with the following measures we are putting in place for the Creative Demonstration:

  • Social distancing of 2m will be in place. Please ensure you keep your distance AT ALL TIMES.
  • Masks (unless you have a medical reason not to) and registration required.
  • Bring water  - reusable bottle to reduce waste and be environmentally friendly please.
  • We will be in the public eye and it is important that as an industry we demonstrate that we operate in a compliant and safe manner.
  • If you have any of the COVID19 symptoms please do not join the demonstration 

    Your contact details will be passed to the organisers Creative Demonstration We Stand As One #WeMakeEvents

I confirm that I have read the above Covid-19 Guidelines and have provided my contact details for the purposes of Track and Trace.


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