Is the events industry brewing for a perfect storm? Perfect storm: ‘a detrimental or calamitous situation or event arising from the powerful combined effect of a unique set of

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Currently within the events industry there are several interrelated risk management factors that have come to the fore;
- the headline-grabbing increased terrorist threat to events and crowded places
- severe shortfall in licenced SIA staff and stewarding numbers and its impact on safe and secure events
- negative view of the ability to recruit, retain and train the quantity and quality of staff for both security and crowd safety
- requirement for competent Counter Terrorism Risk Managers in the private sector
- identified skills gap in the above sectors for the future requirements.

What’s in it for you
Following the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London where there was an immediate upsurge in demand for security safety personnel. It is clear that resources do not exist in sufficient numbers and quality to meet the ongoing and increased demands catalysed by terrorist activities and the current threat level. Coupled with the above issues, these and many other related
issue are the subject of the day:
- what does the reality of proportionate Event Counter Terrorism Threat / Risk Assessment look like?
- what can Event Organisers and Safety Practitioners do to undertake cost effective CT Risk Management?
- what can the Event Security Industry do to recruit, retain and train good competent staff?
- is the requirement for a competent Counter Terrorism Risk Manager a role or responsibility for a safety practitioner?
- what does the shortfall in security and crowd safety personnel mean for the Industry and the safety of events?
- does the SIA Licencing regime meet the requirements of today’s events industry and the crowd safety?
- a skills gap has been identified across the event safety, security, crowd safety and counter terrorism risk management sector. Should the government be looking at funding training to address the skills gap?
- should there be a fit for purpose event SIA licence, which covers crowd safety, crowd dynamics, crowd psychology, crowd management?

Who should attend
This event would be of interest to all Health and Safetyprofessionals such as:
- Event Safety
- Security

- Crowd Safety and Counter Terrorism Practitioners. And for those who deal with:
- crowded places
- risk threat assessments
- festivals
- corporate events
- public events
- highways stadiums
- arenas
- conferences
- retail shopping centres.

What you need to know
Lunch and refreshments are included. Parking is free of charge. To book your place, either complete and return the attached booking form or email bookings@iosh.com or call +44 (0)116 257 3197. For questions about the event, please email Louise Griffin (Event Co-ordinator) louise.griffin@iosh.com or call +44 (0)116 257 3373.

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