2021 bringing hope and opportunity to reset and rebuild

The Only Way is Up!

Join us for a 45 minute session at 10.30am on Monday 7 December 2020 
- with Laura Capell-Abra (Stress Matters)


Laura Capell Abra headshot and logoFor many of us, the end of 2020 couldn't come quick enough. 

The idea of 2021 brings us hope and opportunity to reset and rebuild after an incredibly tough period.  

In this session, we get you ready to jump up by giving you a renewed sense of control and a greater feeling of wellbeing in your life. We can all do with a little more resilience, for our companies and for ourselves.  Resilience not only helps us bounce back from adversity, it also helps us bounce forward, with a renewed spring in our steps!  

Let's not write off 2020 quite yet, there's more to learn to set you up for a 2021 where the only way is up!   

We will:

- Identify your resilience ratings
- Identify what your Up looks like
- Increase your resilience in different parts of your life
- Understand why some of us are more resilient than others
- Share tips and techniques to proactively improve your resilience over time.

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