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Avoid Working at Height - can the job be done at ground level?

Live Edge Working 2

Can the whole job or aspects of the job be brought to ground level? Thus avoiding LEW.


Design out risk and design in good practice

Good design is important when considering LEW and TEP. This includes consideration of the structures to be built, time available to build, the layout of the floor plan to allow space for access and safe working and the design of the task itself.


  • Can the need to work at height be removed? Thus avoiding LEW.
  • Can materials that are easier to handle be specified? e.g. lighter weight components
  • Consider the work process and the equipment required for heavy lifting.
  • Can edge protection or other features that increase the safety of access and construction be designed and installed?
  • Can anchor points for installation of life-line or safety harnesses be mounted where work platforms cannot be installed?
  • Can floor openings, if any, be minimised?
  • Can adverse weather conditions affect the ability to safely construct e.g. rain or wind during work on outdoor structures?
  • Can there be early installation of access to 2nd storey, such as stairs, to reduce the use of ladders or scaffolds?

Safety whilst working at height starts with skilled design and finishes with professional build and dismantle, hence this advisory document provides information and guidance for these two distinct areas

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