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Lets not turn a blind eye to poor and unsafe practice

As an industry, we have been challenged to improve our safety, and we must react quickly, enthusiastically and pragmatically. Our associations have been quick to respond. The Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA), the Association of Event Venues (AEV) and the Association of Event Organiser (AEO) launched the Stop The Drop initiative with a website and marketing campaign, and the mission now is to spread the word far and wide that working safely at height is a matter that requires urgent action.

The website at has everything you need to know about safely working at height, whether you’re an exhibitor, contractor, organiser, venue or designer. With a library of essential guidance documents, arranged conveniently for individual audiences, every stakeholder can download the guides and gain an understanding of not just the HSE’s regulations and guidance, but real practical advice on driving down the risk of working at height at every stage of exhibiting. From designing out risk and when to use a ladder instead of a step, to checking the risks of mobile scaffolding, there’s an extensive library of documentation on how to work safely at a height at exhibitions.

Stop falls before they stop you!

We are an amazing industry full of amazing people and a large contributor to this is keeping people safe.





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