In these PC days, it’s almost gauche to admit that you like making sales, let alone that you work in sales.

Most people’s eyes glaze over when you start talking about data.

Exhibitions are booming and with more international exhibitors travelling worldwide – the demand for temporary exhibition staff to look after hospitality, receptions and sales on stands is increasing. I started Exhibition Girls seven years ago recognising the gap in the market for educated, bright, motivated staff to help exhibitors on their booths. We have grown into a multi-national company with offices in France and partners worldwide. We really love what we do daily in the industry and know that exhibitors would often simply not be able to exhibit without the extra man power of local multi-lingual exhibition staff to support them.

Recently I wrote an article for Exhibitors Only that compared stands within exhibitions to websites.

There is a rather popular saying that is doing the rounds at the moment, which goes along the lines of ‘teamwork makes the dream work’.

In my last post, I outlined what direct marketing or direct response advertising is about.

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