One constant throughout the event industry is the clock – it’s always ticking down, and the closer it gets to ‘blast-off’ the longer things seem to take. Temporary structures always seem like an instant fix for inclement weather risks, unexpectedly high visitor numbers or other needs, but when there’s a mismatch between expectation and delivery, it will cost you precious time.

To make sure, when you order a temporary structure, that everything unfolds smoothly and on time, there are 4 essential considerations you need to communicate to your supplier.

The Character of the event.

What sort of an event is it? Cocktail Party? Conference? Banquet? Dinner and Dance? The kind of event will determine the best structure and other factors like ventilation, flooring, lighting and so on. The space needed for 200 standing visitors will be less than for 200 seated visitors and a stage.

Details of the location and specific site.

Is there access for trucks and trailers? Is the site flat and level? What kind of surface is it – sand, earth, concrete? Can it be staked without risk of hitting buried utilities or infrastructure. Are there any overhead obstacles or hazards? The more detail you can provide about the site and access to it, the better prepared your supplier will be.

Precise timetables.

Your suppliers will need to know precise timings for the event. Start with the exact date and time of the event itself, and then complete the schedule with information about vehicular access times, build-up and breakdown times, and the times of other scheduled work that may impede or prevent the temporary structure being put up.

The fixtures and fittings.

Temporary structures have better internal fixtures and fittings than ever before, with lots of options to choose from. Do you need power for the event? Water? How much? Do you want, or need, flooring, roof lining, wall lining, carpets, heating or air conditioning in the structure? Specifying extra fittings at a late stage can throw out plans and cost time, so find out about what sort of options are available and decide what you need.

Communicate this information to your supplier, and you will find that your quote will come back more quickly, without the usual rounds of email tennis; and when installation time comes, everyone will be working to the same plan, and expecting the same results. 

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