Project Coordinator Jess Mockler discusses recent learnings since joining 4D, focusing on the importance of time management.

As a newcomer to both the events industry and specialist exhibition design agency-4D Design- I feel as though I have been able to grasp a real handle of some of the ‘behind the scene’ factors that can have a huge impact on the delivery of events, the kind of factors that are often overlooked.

Having recently graduated University studying Events Management, I already had existing knowledge about the significance of time management in the workplace. Nevertheless, putting the theory to practise whilst working at 4D Design as Project Coordinator has brought to light many things that theory often doesn’t, the kind of things you only learn on the job. One of the key elements of event planning and delivery that has become a focal point for me whilst settling into my role is the importance of managing time efficiently so that projects are always moving forward.

We all make a ‘to do’ list every day – whether it be extensively detailed or brief, that’s down to personal preference. The events industry is a fast-paced environment which can often be unpredictable, therefore I have ascertained the vitality of creating time outside of tasks to track progress.

Read below to find out my 6 easy to implement tips for ensuring your all-important tasks get ticked off the to-do list:

Be proactive. As your ‘to do’ list slowly decreases, it may leave you with additional time for the day. Utilise this time to complete tasks such as filing, shredding, organising your desk so that the busier you get, you’ll be able to complete the important responsibilities.

Prioritise your tasks. This is essential for managing projects as deadlines for certain projects may be approaching, whilst other projects can wait. For example, a deadline for a pitch could be a quick turnaround despite the introduction of the project being received at a later date than others.

Take 20 minutes every day to organise your time. 20 minutes may be considered to some a long time to arrange your time. Nonetheless, it is only 5 minutes every couple of hours to reflect on what you have done and what needs doing which will set you up for every segment of your day.

Plan for unplanned instances. I’ve learned that urgent tasks can often arise, and you may need to occasionally support the team or work on projects that come in with no notice, so setting time aside for emergencies and urgent tasks is crucial. That way you will be able to manage urgencies and your original to do list efficiently.

Acknowledge clients and suppliers time zones. The globalisation of the events industry means that everyone must plan to communicate at appropriate times for both parties, so the project can move forward. Making note of the different time zones and preferred communication methods is key.

Ask what others require from you for the dayEvent management involves teamwork. Staying on top of your own schedule is one thing but communicating with other members of your team is vital for the successful completion of company projects. You must communicate together and inform each other of your availability and requirements for the day. Consequently, both parties will be able to manage their time effectively and work together efficiently as a team.

Ultimately, thinking about planning all aspects of your day will improve your time management skills, subsequently enabling you to ensure projects are always moving forward so that the end goal is achieved.

Having just returned from the bustle of Mobile World Congress I am looking forward to seeing what else I will learn and develop from at my next set of projects at Aircraft Interiors and throughout the rest of the year with 4D Design.


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