My hope with this blog is to convince you of one thing: to include your chosen event logistics company in the earliest planning stages of your project.

Whether you're delivering a whole show as an organiser, or building a single exhibition stand as a supplier, you already understand the importance of good logistics to your success. It's a complex proposition, even for a single stand, and if logistics are not your core expertise, clearly it's more efficient to bring in a professional logistics service.

The size and scale of your business may be such that you are moving sufficient goods to warrant maintaining a fleet of vehicles and drivers, an in-house logistics team with international offices, and investing in technological assistance from specialised logistics software to vehicle tracking. However, we acknowledge ESSA members who don’t fall into these categories may instead turn to specialist event logistics companies to take their goods and services to and from the venue.

By bringing us to the table at the beginning of your project, you will find we can contribute a great deal more than helping you plan how and when to move your freight. While logistics is our expertise, events are our environment, and we've learnt a thing or two over the years about the best way to bring freight into, and take it away, from virtually every notable UK or overseas venue.

Our international knowledge is also a good thing to have by your side if you need freight to a show outside the UK. Event logistics companies will have branches or partners worldwide, and being able to plug into this network means you get the benefit of local knowledge before you even leave the country. Event logistics companies know the regulations, the customs (of both kinds), and the situation "on the ground," and where they don't have an office themselves, they will have a partner organisation to extend their reach globally.

So you can see, you can avoid a lot of last-minute headaches and game-changers if you start planning your event, exhibition or conference with your preferred event logistics company on-board. What's more, we can suggest new and interesting ways for you to plan your logistics to help reduce shipping costs, or advise you on local venue storage options instead of shipping everything back to HQ, only to go out again a few months later.

The key goal for an event logistics company is to get your shipment from point A to B and when the show is complete back to point A again….and if you involve us at an earlier stage, then smoother the process will be.

I hope I've convinced you, if you needed convincing, that we event logistics companies are much more than simply experts in freight. We can smooth the path to even greater event success providing we're allowed to be part of the plan from the beginning!

Garcia Newell
Regional Business Development Director
Agility Fairs & Events Europe



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